Sunday, October 9, 2016

Claire's wedding

Yesterday I got on the road around 5:30, having slept about an hour all night. I drove for about two hours then stopped for a nap, then drove on through the rain toward Asheville. Just coming into town, the rain stopped and the blue sky appeared and I was able to ride my bike for 35 minutes at the local community college. Then I headed to the Highland Lake Inn for the wedding, which was by the water and went very well even though it looked like the weather might change at any moment. I was going to drive some and get a room, but instead I stopped in Weaverville and watched the third quarter of VT trouncing NC. I called to set up a room in Johnson City but there were not rooms left in town so I just drove until it got dark and stopped for a nap at a Perkins in Johnson City. I then drove on until Wytheville where I stopped for a snack and then drove home in time to watch the end of the Miami/Florida State game which ended with Florida State blocking the point after to win by a point. I slept until almost ten and drove down to call Rob and he wanted to take a walk so I went back to the house, did some of my exercises, then headed in to walk. We had a very good chat and the day was lovely, cool and sunny. After my walk, I took a nap in the back of my truck (that is easier now) and then went biking at Merrimac before heading over to The Meadows to maul a few golf balls for an hour. I was awful and I really didn’t enjoy it that much. I am going to clean my club handles and if that doesn’t work I will have new grips put on. After golf I headed to O’Charley’s for dinner and watching the Cincinnati/Dallas game which has Dallas up 21 to 0.

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