Friday, October 14, 2016

Big Unexpected Expenses

Well, it was a decent Friday with some financial concerns. I found out yesterday that the replacing of the insulation (taking the old stuff out and putting in new stuff), if I do it with Dodson, will cost 2200, a lot more than I thought. Today I found out that the automatic venting system will cost at least 2400 and that doesn’t involve a dehumidifier. I am going to have Brandon and a guy who knows the system better out on Thursday morning so I will have a better idea. I wonder if they will guarantee that the humidity will go down a certain percentage. If not it will be very expensive with no guarantee. Not sure what to do right now. I had lunch with Claire Hall and she threw me a curve when she said that luke and her are putting the house search off for a bit and are going to try to pay off their student loans. I didn’t say anything at lunch or during our walk after but I did call her later and she made it clear that my wedding gift will going in the house fund, which made me feel better. I did a good recommendation for Claire Gallo and I hope she emails me a thank you at least. Maddie took the GRE again and did about the same but at least she is done with math forever. I will see her on Monday when I drive her to Tech for class. I did my exercises this morning and my weights and yoga and after my lunch with Claire I went to play golf and shot the worst 49 I have even shot. I was awful but I kept hitting a few decent shots and I got my 49 on a pretty long final putt. Then I went to pick up a humidifier and my meds, then a good nap in the back of my truck, then off to Tech for a 50 minute bike ride all around campus. I then headed to the University Mall Starbucks to grade midterms and do my lumosity training and my blog.

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