Monday, October 3, 2016

Busy day

Monday turned out pretty well. I didn’t sleep well but that’s the norm these days. I finally got up around 9:30 and did my exercises, washed the dishes, did a laundry, did my weights and yoga, and all of my practicing. I left around 12:20 and despite a slow train in cambria, I picked up Maddie only a few minutes late. She is doing well and I may take a look at her paper again (she has edited for the conference). I gave her my advice for presenting it: speak slowly, speak loudly, and observe punctuation. I stopped at the Artful Lawyer Gallery to see Lauren’s work (quite impressive) then changed my office hours and went to play nine holes of golf (45,44) and then took a nap in my truck before teaching a good class at 5. After my office hour I drove to Tech and rode my bike for 40 minutes then headed to Macado’s to watch the Giants game and eat fish tacos and salad. I called Lauren to see about buying one of her paintings or commissioning her for a piece.

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