Monday, November 30, 2015

A good thanksgiving even with the loss of my Aunt Rose

My trip to New York and New Jersey went well, although it was marred by the death of my aunt rose at 99. She died on the Friday before Thanksgiving and I went to the wake on Monday and the burial on Tuesday at Moravian cemetery. I caught up with my cousin Tina and chatted a lot with Alana and Jeffrey, two of her three children. My visit to Gabes was also good, although Julian got sick after he played for 2 hours at the Children’s Museum and I had to get him home in a cab. The next day I babysat him at home and it was kind of boring since I couldn’t go out until they all returned in the late afternoon. My visit to Gyorgyi’s brother for Thanksgiving was very good. Laura was very glad to see me and Gyorgyi and I played with her for hours. Andrew provided and excellent dinner and Sylvia (not spelled correctly) was nice to spend time with. At dinner we all had to give a short speech telling what we were thankful for and Laura said she was very glad I came to visit, and that she liked that I was funny and liked to play with her. The next day Laura and I went for a walk to the playground and had a very nice chat. I am looking forward to seeing Tina and her kids, Julian and Laura in the springtime. I returned on Saturday and went home to check out the road before I headed into town. On Sunday, I got the tractor out and finished digging out the trench and then partly buried the 50 piece of plastic 4 inch pipe. It is draining perfectly into the stream and saving my road. I got a hike in and I played piano (not bad since I hadn’t played in 10 days). I talked with Kelly and I think I cheered her up a bit. It makes me sad when she is struggling. AEP dropped off some supplies today and a backhoe with a 12 inch wide bucket (which seems too wide for the trench but I’m not sure). I think they will start very soon. I ordered the 8 speed cam for my bike and Ian is going to put it in very good shape. The whole project should cost about 500.

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