Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thanksgiving approaches, just in time

I had a wonderful visit from my 203 students today. They really enjoyed the hollow and the hike and we had some good food and good conversation. I had the house in nice shape and tomorrow I will try to do some work on my trench with the water from the French drain. Classes are still going well with not big problems. I have one class left before the break and I am ready to get up to New York to see Gabes, Francesca and Julian and then Gyorgyi’s niece Laura. It should be fun. I texted Kelly some and I think we will chat this week at some point. She seems okay but is still feeling guilty about the house. Gyorgyi and I had a nice dinner at Rockfish Grill and went to see a very well done movie, Bridge of Spies. Tom Hanks was very good and the Russian agent was excellent. I still have lettuce so that is fun but the cold is coming. Bryan got the approval from the County on Monday so the AEP work should start very soon. I should have electricity by late December. Bryan’s overall bill will be about 3,000 and that I can afford. I just hope AEP doesn’t hit stone and they have to charge me several thousand to get through it.

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