Saturday, June 18, 2016

copperheads and meeting Hank

Thursday was another day of hiking, practicing, light weights, heavy exercises and watching the Cavs beat up on the Warriors. Game seven is on Sunday. Yesterday started well (I slept well) and I was going to go for a hike but I decided to do my exercises first to loosen up my knee. I think that was a good choice and when I did my hike (twice down to the steep area since it was still muddy) my knee felt pretty good. I got home and watched some of the U.S. Open and practiced, did a full second set of exercises, practiced, did another set of light weights, ran the generator for ten minutes after I chased away a three foot copperhead who didn’t want to leave. I didn’t see any mice signs around, not surprising with the Copperhead there. I had my last greenhouse salad (though I might be able to coax one more out in a few days) and I await the tomatoes, which are flowering. I am planning to see my kayak friend on Saturday and meet her new dog down by the river. After I showered I headed into Cellular Sales and bought a new SD card and got my camera working again. Then I went for a walk at Tech, then headed for Craig Creek and had another walk out at Caldwell Fields. I fished at my usual spot on Craig Creek and got a couple hits but no fish. I fished at another spot but no hits. After that I drove back on 311 and went for another walk at Roanoke college and had a nice chat with dave. Then it was time for dinner at Applebys, although the wifi wasn’t working so no lumosity tonight. I slept pretty well and when I awoke Saturday morning I knew I had to get going if I was going to meet my kayak friend at 2. I did a full first set of exercises, took my walk down to the steep part, drove down to the orchard to transfer some funds to my checking, couldn’t find the orange flower, trimmed some of the road, then headed back for light weights, 30 minutes of the stationary bike, half a practice session, then a shower and off to Radford. I really enjoyed spending time with my kayak friend and though Hank seemed scared of the water, it was still a good time. We drove to Dudley’s landing and went for a walk with Hank then sat at one of the picnic tables and chatted for a pretty long time. A good visit. After that I headed for Rob’s to help him put the headboard on his bed and though I bruised my hand a bit when it got jammed between the clamp and the drill gun, and actually started smoking, we got all the bolts in and my drill gun and batteries are fine. Rob made me some dinner and then I headed off to Eggleston and got a couple of hits at my favorite spot. Then I drove to the Mountain Lake exit and took a quick nap before heading to Tech for a quick walk and then coffee and dessert at Macado’s.

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