Sunday, June 5, 2016

A frustrating day with Dish

I slept okay but had to take an OTC sleeping pill. When I got up I did my first set of exercises and started heating me upper back with the heating pad. It is pretty painful and I’m not sure how I hurt it. I was doing fine with the weights at the Hampton Inn but I can’t use even the five pounder right now. I got a call at 10:20 from Dish telling me that the technician would come between 3:30 and 5. However I decided to check and when I got down to the pasture the new message was that it would be between 2 and 3:30. I decided to check with a real person and she told me that both times were estimates and that it was still possible a technician would come as early as 12. So I drove back to my house loaded up my truck and then drove to the gate expecting a long wait. I did some computer work and fixed a few things and eventually the technician came a little after 2. Hassam was good and he had things fixed up by 3:15 and I tipped him when I got him back to the Sisson gate. I drove home and took a very needed nap, then got up, started my second set of exercises, finished my piano practicing, finished my exercises and watched the end of the golf tournament. I did another wash and then iced my knee, showered, and headed into Blacksburg around 6:15, took a long walker walk inside the Perry street garage (it was threatening outside), then headed to Kroger for coffee and batteries and then to Macado’s for the second game of the NBA finals, where the Cavs are down 8 at halftime and don’t look very good.

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