Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Still making slow progress

Today, Tuesday, was a decent day. I took a hike to the big pine in the morning, watered the greenhouse, practiced my piano, rode the bike for 30 minutes, did a full set of exercises, then showered and headed in for my 2:00 therapy appointment. I was almost an hour and a half long and very intense. I did ask Dan about my upper back and he gave me an exercise for that and he also worked my right leg so I hopefully can put off surgery on that knee for a pretty long time. I went to my office and did some filing of stuff and got rid of a few things. I took a walk over to the new building and a nap, then headed over to snowville to check out the Little. I did find a decent place to fish from the bank, but it’s not perfect. I will keep exploring. I finally heard from Cathy Gallo and we are hopefully going to have dinner soon. My kayak friend went to the surgeon with Hank and she has to think about what to do. I am planning to see Gyorgyi tomorrow and Claire on Friday.

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