Sunday, October 28, 2012

good babysitting and good biking

It is Sunday and Hurricane Sandy approaches the mid Atlantic. It is a huge but not particularly powerful storm but it has the potential to cause massive flooding and power loss. We might get just the edge of it. Saturday proved productive as I did some tasks around the house, including trimming the butterfly bush so my northern trays in the greenhouse would get more sun. I also moved the tray of mixed lettuce to the southern side since it was doing very poorly. I couldn’t move the peas because the climbing strings are attached to the greenhouse but perhaps I will figure something out. I went to dinner with Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin (they treated) and then I babysat Benjamin at the Sufi dance at the Unitarian Church. We played a good deal and then he sat on my lap for almost a half hour munching on some crackers and watching the dancers. After that he was a little wild but overall easy to watch. Today I did more work around the house after a long hike in the morning. I ate another good salad from the greenhouse and did my weights and yoga. Chris returned my Tom Brown book and I called him later to wish him well and to invite him to visit. I drove into Bburg after calling Rob (no answer) and went for a long bike ride at the CRC. The weather was threatening but no rain appeared even though it was pretty cold. I wrote my graduate class and I hope they pay attention to the guidelines for a good story.

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