Tuesday, November 20, 2012

new york city

My trip to NYC has turned out well, with the only complaint that I ate too much yesterday at Blue Smoke for barbeque lunch and then at Gramercy Tavern for dinner. The three kinds of ribs (Texas, Memphis, and KC) were excellent as were the side salad and beans. After that lunch, I walked and walked (probably close to 6 miles up from the ferry, through Chinatown, through Little Italy, then up to GT at 20th) but by dinner I was still not that hungry so Gramercy was not the treat I had hoped. I am going to try to eat very lightly today so I will fully enjoy Picholine tonight. The drive up from Virginia was decent, and I played the Hershey Links (a very challenging course with several ravines one had to shoot over) on Sunday and shot a 48 from the reds. My room at the Comfort Inn in Staten Island was fine, just very small. I have finished my grading for Monday and I just have to do the 200 reading.

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