Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 3 through Aug 6 Alaska Trip

I really enjoyed being with Gloria’s friends and I wondered why I don’t have conversations like that back home. Rob and I have a good relationship but he doesn’t invite me over with friends and family and Jeff and Rachel are good to talk with but not much humor. I don’t have much of a social life and I wonder if I should try to change that. Sunday was another walk through the Coyote Hills with John and Rick and then Rick and I went to play golf at Mission Hills, which turned out to be a very short nine hole course (with six par threes), perfect for Rick’s ability. I shot a 69 for 18 holes and with a 4 stroke per hole handicap, Rick beat me in match play but I came back and beat him on stroke. We both had a lot of fun though we were pretty late for dinner. Nella and Jill were there and it was fun again. On Monday morning it was time to leave and after showing John the five basic jazz chords, I started for Oceanside. The drive was pretty easy, but after stopping to chat with Kelly for a half hour, I could see that I wasn’t going to get a ride if I didn’t do something quick so I stopped and rode for 45 minutes about a half hour from the magic mountain Rodeway where I had made a reservation. The ride was rushed, dinner at the Mexican restaurant was not very good (they were closing and washing the floor), the rodeway was kind of dumpy and I didn’t sleep well. Better planning would have prevented this and on my return home I have to do that so I arrive back in Virginia relaxed. On Tuesday I drove toward Oceanside, leaving I-5 for I-210 as I got close to LA. I was moving well until I hit Pasadena and then traffic stopped me cold so I got off and played a par 3 course and that was fun. I drove on and reached Oceanside just before 2 and Dave was there a few minutes later. We chatted and it was great to see him, then I went for an 11 mile bike ride along the river, and that felt great. When I got back Dave and I went for a nice happy hour dinner at a local restaurant and then back to his place for the evening. The view is spectacular but the noisy harbor seals and the train kept me up and Dave’s couch isn’t the most comfortable place to sleep. He is involved with someone and I wish him the best. He seems pretty confident and happy and who can speak against that.

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