Friday, May 18, 2012

I have loaned Mark the 5K and I wish him well. I told him he can come out and help me here and there and each time it will reduce his loan by 100.
My maymester first week is over and I am pretty tired. I have 14 students and I worked pretty hard all week keeping up. Now I will do some work over the weekend but I don’t have to rush.
I drove out to Wolf Creek after practicing my saxophone in my office (it is the second day in a row and my hands aren’t too bad). I was very tired but I did fish some and I got a nice trout on a wooly bugger.
I have been hiking a good deal during the week and I identified Bicknell’s Cranebill, a new one for the hollow. The house is in good shape but I do have a few things to do this weekend, including treating the gate area with Thompson’s.
I still have peas growing in the greenhouse but the strawberries are done.
I sent out an abstract for the Samla conference and I hope it gets accepted. Winston-Salem isn’t an idea spot but it might turn out to be a good quick break.

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