Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time has passed quickly since my last entry. Dolores’ visit has come and gone and it went well except for a couple of brief political disagreements. We had a great time in Charlotte with an excellent meal at Capital Grill and we did a lot of walking downtown. On the way back we rode bikes at Foster’s Falls and then played golf and had a fine time dining at Alexander’s and playing golf a couple of times (Dolores just chipped and putted but had fun). One late evening I had to cut a tree that had fallen on the Sisson road and luckily I had a charge sawzall and rope to accomplish the task. On Thursday, we had a terrific lunch with Gyorgyi and then we had a spectacular ride to the Peaks of Otter with visibility over 50 miles. On Friday I drove D back to Charlotte and after dropping her off I played golf at the Renaissance course and then had dinner at P.F. Chang’s.
Today (Sunday) I cut the rest of the fallen tree, cut the grass, played golf at the Meadows, watched the Heat beat the Pacers, then drove to my office to print out my Maymester stuff.
Mark Burnette e-mailed me and I told him I would loan him the 5K to start up his mowing business.

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