Monday, April 30, 2012

My lower stomach bothered me again yesterday but some painkillers subdued the pain and today I am in good shape. I wonder if it is the golf that does it?
I have a few things to do for Dolores’ visit but most of it will be done Thursday and Friday. I will try to see Rob, Gyorgyi, and Jeff and Rachel at least.
The greenhouse is still producing, with some final lettuce and some strawberries. I am still eating fresh asparagus out of the orchard garden.
I changed my withholding on my 403B so I am now putting away 1500 a month instead of 1200. That should help cover all my expenses in December, the trip to Charleston, the trip to Big Bend, new tires and presents.
I fished this morning with George and the fishing was slow although George got a red-eye and I got one nice bluegill. He knows how to fish to be sure. I hope we can fish again when it warms up.
I am giving my 203 final and after I grade that I should be done until Maymester begins.

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