Sunday, April 22, 2012

It is a rainy Sunday but I got a hike in (and identified corn salad) and heard both wood thrushes and scarlet tanagers (the latter I was really worried about).
Back in the house I rode the bike for 30 minutes.
My weight is 214 but my belly is still hurting today (I did play golf yesterday) but I am going to see what happens when I get down to 210. That should help the scars from the surgery from stretching. I haven’t had to take any pain killers so the pain is manageable.
I am also done with my grading (half a paper and half a portfolio left) so tomorrow should be nice and easy. It is supposed to rain so I doubt that I will play golf tomorrow even if my belly is feeling better.
I did my second open house on Saturday and though I only had 2 people show up, I did a good job talking to them.
My finances are stable but I have to slow down on spending money. I went overboard when I got my back pay and now it is time to conserve a little.
I have been in the hollow for over 2 and ½ years since Tracy left and I really want to stay at least till 65. That will of course depend on my health. I think retiring at 64 is very realistic but I may take fall 2013 off to write and to travel. Then I would teach at least another semester.

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