Friday, April 13, 2012

All goes well at Radford and I am recovering from my stomach pain. It is clear that if I stay under 215, my surgery scars don’t bother me but when I put on a few more pounds, they get stretched and can be very painful particularly if I play golf (which I did yesterday) or do anything strenuous.
I had a good morning and then I decided to head up to the peaks of otter and take some walks along the way to save my stomach. The first walk was very lovely looking to the west at the mountains. My second walk, after a nap and a cup of tea at the restaurant, was also fun as I walked around the lake. I decided to fish it a little and though I got no bites, I still enjoyed myself.
The house is in good shape and I am hoping Ryan will call soon to start getting rid of the Tree of Heaven.
I may have to go in to do Kim’s Open House since she was injured today. I hope it isn’t too serious.
The main spring flowers are done but there are still quite a few, including columbines, wild geranium, field mustard, spring beauty, and star chickweed.

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