Sunday, September 7, 2014

second week of the semester done

The weekend has gone well. I have all my grading done and most of the reading. I had a nice dinner with Claire on Thursday catching up on her and Luke and I have decided that things with Cecelia will continue only as friends. I played golf a couple of times and did a lot of work around my house this morning and early afternoon in order to start getting ready for Gloria. I have also been hiking almost every morning down to the orchard. I rode my bike yesterday for the first time since I hurt my knees and it went very well. My knees are improving. I had the dental surgery on Friday and it didn’t hurt much. I still owe somewhere between 3 and 4 K even after paying 2K already. Maddie is still doing well and I will try to see her this week and take her out one evening. I have been walking over at Tech at night and that is still a lot of fun for me.

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