Friday, August 29, 2014

An interesting week

An interesting few days. On Tuesday Kate asked me if I wanted to go kayaking with her on Wednesday and of course I said yes. We met at the riverview park in Radford, loaded my kayak and gear and then headed upriver to the put in just above the highway. It was very slow water but we chatted a lot and I think Kate had fun. We decided to go on Saturday during the Riverfest and that should have a few more rapids. Kate was a very decent paddler. My dinner with Cecelia went very well. We ate at Sal’s in Radford and had a nice time talking. We are planning to get together next week for dinner and perhaps a bike ride. Rob and I walked the last two nights and chatted about the drama the Fay has brought back into his life. Fortunately, there is really nothing she can do to him except write him sick and evil text messages. My first week of classes went very well and I have only about 30 students so that is going to be very good. Gloria is still in a lot of pain and I hope that it calms down before she comes to visit. I talked to Gabe and things are going okay after their problem. He is thinking about coming down in October with Julian.

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