Wednesday, August 13, 2014

back from the west, with plenty of problems

I am back from my trip having returned today in the late morning. Sam met me at the gate and treated the house and the big yellowjacket nest. I unloaded some of the truck, did a laundry, put some stuff away and took a nap. I drove in to see Rob and he thinks my knee is really damaged but he thought the ear looked okay though he said I should continue to take the antibiotics. I called Dr. Buyer and he hasn’t returned my call yet but I will probably have to have a bridge put in and that should be pretty expensive. I drove in to show the Tech people my computer and they thought they could retrieve my files but they weren’t sure. That would be a mess if they can’t I did talk to Cecelia at Barnes and Noble and she was quite pleasant and I will call her to set up a dinner date. My trip overall was a good one, but hurting my knee in the Big Horns put a damper on the rest of the trip. I did have a good time with Gloria—and she will be here for two weeks in September—and seeing Dave and meeting his girlfriend were nice. I played some golf with my bad leg and played pretty well but I am overweight and I really need to do more exercise. I took a short and very slow walk on the Huckleberry trail and my knee didn’t hurt too much when I was finished.

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