Sunday, August 24, 2014

One more day before classes start

Another good day so far, with the rain preventing a walk this morning but I did ride the stationary bike for 25 minutes, and I did weights and yoga. I cleaned up around the house so as to be ready for the start of classes tomorrow and I charged the batteries up to 79% and with the sun coming for the next three days I should be fine. I did play golf yesterday after a fine walk with Rob and played well (47) even with an incredible 6 the par 3 16th (4 putts from about 20 feet) and a 9 on the 6th hole (lots of stupid decisions). My walk with Rob was a lot of fun and he seems to be doing quite well. Cecelia called me and we are planning to get together on Thursday for dinner. Haven’t heard from Claire but I assume she is doing well. Worked a little on the Lindsey Stirling piece and it is almost ready to send out.

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