Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ready to start the semester

It is Wednesday early afternoon and I am at the Starbucks in Salem, having contacted Claire and Susan about helping out on Move-In Day on Friday. I have everything set up except my RU e-mail on my phone and I should get that fixed within the next few days. My date with Cecelia went very well and we had a good dinner at the River Company and talked for two hours. She is smart and attractive and has quite a past but not one that I think would hurt any relationship between us. I will be going to Gyorgyi’s and meeting with Andrew and Sylvia and Laura at 3. I should be a fun afternoon and evening. Tomorrow are all the meetings and I will get through them even though I am not looking forward to them. My knee is better and I am scheduled for a cortisone shot on Tuesday morning but perhaps if my knee gets much better I can avoid the shot. I have done the exercises for two days and I played golf yesterday and took a short walk around the Tech campus last night.

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