Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 6 is over

This is another catchup entry. The big news is that I should find out on Wednesday if the Sissons will let me have electricity put in. If it were just a cable underground I think they might but they have to connect the cable with about 10 above ground boxes and I don’t think they will go for that. I also asked Danny if he would consider selling me a right of way across their road. He didn’t reject the idea, saying first that he wasn’t sure if they were going to sell the farm, and then saying to wait until we figured out the electricity situation. Having that right of way would be an immense benefit, and I think I would spend up to 65 thousand for it. 80 would be too much, but even at that price I would be able to sell the property much easier. I have to wait and see, something I never like doing. I had a wonderful trip with my kayak friend. It is lucky I am my age or else I would be falling in love; I’m not sure that is not happening right now. Certainly my friend is an amazing woman. Haven’t heard from my troubled friend. I left a message for her on Thursday but no response. I assume she is busy and doing okay. Had lunch with Claire Hall at Gillies and then we had a nice walk. I should see her again this week. Claire Gallo had a very good week and I am hoping things continue well with her. My classes are going well and I am almost certain that my problem student has dropped the course. Midterms are on Tuesday for three of the classes and Thursday for the 444 class. I have the Tuesday midterms done so one more left to do.

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