Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 9 is over

Another catch up entry. I have had a good week. My dealings with the low level administrator are over, and there are no repercussions. I played golf with Craig today and I was awful. I couldn’t focus. It was pretty cold at first—I had to wear my jacket—and the leaves on the greens really threw me off. I missed some short putts also. It was still fun to chat with Craig. Bryan’s guys put in the meter base on Thursday, so that is finished and Bryan was supposed to file the permit today so I hope he did. Once it is approved then AEP can begin its weeks of work. I filled the potholes in my road (there are some I have to fill in the Sisson road) and I scraped it so it is a lot smoother. I got the lawn tractor picked up for it servicing (I waited two years this time) and I trimmed a little near the gate and the orchard. I have gotten some hikes in (it is simply too lovely not to) and I have had a few salads from my garden. My classes are going pretty well and I think I will get okay evaluations in the two I am going to have evaluated. My kayak friend has been very busy but we are planning to go tomorrow at one so that should be fun. I am excited to try out my new wet suit and my wet socks. I have done a little house cleaning since I will have students coming the next two weekends. I talked to Dave and he doesn’t thing he is going to travel to the Grand Canyon so I am not going to head to Big Bend. I will try to see him next summer, depending somewhat on whether my summer school class makes. Kelly seems to be doing pretty well and that is a relief. I am not going to suggest visiting her. If she brings it up and it seems comfortable I will head up. Dan Woods has accepted two of my essays for his publications so that gives me something for my FAR next year. I hope Floyd County Moonshine takes me poem and that CEA accepts my paper proposal.

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