Saturday, February 13, 2016

Electricity up to my house

The big news is I have electricity up to my house. I called Bryan and I hope he can come up next week to connect the meter base to my house but it is more likely that it will be the week after. I did call the Sissons and tell them the power was in and I also mentioned that I would pay for the two meter bases. I spoke to Judy and she was very friendly. I will call Danny at some point soon and see if there is any chance he will sell me a right of way. I heard from Anthony that my new truck should be in by the 22nd and perhaps as soon as the 17th. That is fine with me so I will miss the snowstorm coming in on Monday. I am very ready to switch to the new truck with all its safety features. I have put new soil in most of the greenhouse trays and mixed in organic fertilizer. I can plant whenever I want and that will probably be after the cold snaps ends. My classes are going pretty well, although I have two poetry students who have no idea what a fragment is and that must be addressed or I won’t pass them. I have sent out the Coleman application and I booked a room. The only problem is that I will have to set it up. It was in the low teens last night and today I took a short walk down to my favorite pine tree in low twenties weather. I work my tractor mask but it was still very cold. I have been practicing regularly on the piano and I certainly am getting better. The main thing is that I am having fun with it and that is the main purpose. I haven’t heard from Kelly in about 2 weeks but I assume she is okay and just busy. I haven’t heard from Gabes in at least a month (even though I have left a couple of messages) so I am not sure what to think. I do hope to heard from him at some point. I am supposed to see Claire Hall next week and that will be fun.

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