Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mud, Mud, Mud

Well, the heavy rains combined with the AEP work (digging a 24 inch wide trench then putting the conduit in then filling the trench) to really mess up my road. There was a 30 foot long near ravine (14 inches deep at points) near the gate and rutted mud everywhere else. I had to straddle the ravine when I got home Wednesday night and if I had slipped in I am sure I would have had to pull my truck out with the tractor. I got out on Thursday and finally on Friday morning I rode the tractor down with a bucket of 57 to start filling the hole and after I dumped it in (and it made no impact), I realized it would take all my stone just to handle this one part. Instead, I got 12 loads of dirt and filled it back in. I had the scraper on at 2.5 and that helped smooth things a bit but no close work can be done until it dries out a lot. My classes are going well and three weeks are done. Our move to the new building has changed again, so now it will be mid to late July. I asked Rosemary about my summer course and she said she should know by late April. Had a fun visit with Claire at the Next Door bakery. We chatted a lot and looked at a few houses in Blacksburg. She is excited about the wedding and about the possibility of owning a house. I should be getting my truck pretty soon and I should have the electricity done in 3 weeks so that will be a relief. Then I approach the Sissons about the right of way.

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