Saturday, January 30, 2016

Post Snow Storm

I have survived the eleven inches of snow, although getting out at the gates is a bit tricky with the remnant ice. The electricity is on hold but I talked to Bryan and he will be out in about three weeks, assuming the electricity is finally in. I noticed that the glass cover is missing from the meter base so I taped a plastic bag over it to keep out the rain and snow. My power went out last night but I think it may have been due to the new room heater, which shouldn’t be a problem once I get the electricity done. I had a nice time meeting with Claire Hall over at the coffee shop. I gave her some tips about house buying, which she appreciated. Gyorgyi called and we will get together soon. I haven’t heard from Gabe in quite a while so I left a message today on his work cell. I assume everything is going well, but I am assuming he is not coming to visit. I talked to Dave and we had a good funny conversation with a lot of laughs. My classes are going well, and I am hoping that will continue. My truck is on schedule for mid-February and I am getting excited about getting it. I have been bike riding and walking and doing my weights and yoga, but me knee is not doing well. I hope I will be able to keep going until May. I spoke with Rob during our walk around his neighborhood and he says I should hire someone to stay with me for the first couple days and that seems like a good idea. He thought once I get past the first few days (when the pain will be extreme), I should be fine. He thinks I should stay in the rehab place as long as I am covered and that will be fine with me. I spoke to a couple of people at Lowes and they suggested that instead of putting in grab bars, that I get a seat that allows me to slide from outside the tub into the tub and get up easily. That sounds like a good plan.

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