Thursday, March 24, 2016

ninth week done

Another catch up entry and I guess that is the best I can do. It is March 24th and I have finished my ninth week of classes. No big problems with the students but I am exhausted, mainly because of allergies. I did a short hike this morning, then went through my jazz songs once, then weights and yoga, then off to teach two classes, then a drive to Bburg to meet Claire Hall and catch up with her engagement stuff. She is doing fine and I did respond to the pre-invite and I will be going to her wedding. Haven’t heard from Kelly in three weeks and I am going to continue to leave the situation alone since I don’t want to be in the middle of the house debate. If she needs me I am always there for her. Claire Gallo called me and wanted to talk and I was able to calm her down a bit. I will be so glad when she graduates. I took a nice walk with Rob and then it was over to VT for a needed bike ride. Now I am watching the Duke Oregon game and Oregon is leading my 5 at halftime. The situation at RU is better, although I am not sure how long I can last. I will not make any decisions until after I rehab completely and I teach the fall semester. I am sure I can teach the spring semester and then teaching the following fall would get me in pretty good shape to retire. My greenhouse is doing okay but the lettuce isn’t doing that well, even with a second planting. I may plant again this weekend. Coltsfoot is peaking and bloodroot and cut leaved toothwort are starting. My drainage ditch is leaking a little into the main road and I guess I am going to have to pile some more dirt at the point where it is leaking in. I thought that problem was solved but I guess not. I got three loads of stone from mike young (one 357 and two 57s) and that really had helped the road. I hope he will come up soon to clean the gutters. I like my new truck but the camper top that Anchor put on was the wrong one and I have to go back in a couple of weeks to get the right one. I almost hurt myself getting in the back to take a nap this afternoon and my walk with Rob. Haven’t gotten a confirmation from Gabes about his visit so I don’t know what to think. I need to know so there will be not conflict with Brian when he finally comes out to connect the electricity. I also may have to teach just a few students in my summer course at 300 per student. I feel responsible because I agreed with Rosemary to cancel the 340 course that I was going to teach in the fall, hoping that this would push up my summer school registration. We will see. I have my office in great shape for the move. It has been a hard three weeks.

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