Saturday, March 12, 2016

One more day of Spring Break

I decided on Wednesday after hearing my kayak friend was unavailable for Saturday, I decided to head to Chincoteague for a quick trip. I figured I would stop in Short Pump so I stopped a little earlier to ride my bike at an Elementary school. It was boring but I got my hour in. I got to the Short Pump Town Center a little before dark and ate at Maggioni’s. Then I walked around the center and found a decent hat to buy at Dick’s. I left the Comfort Suites at 9 and the driving went well and by 12 I was playing golf on the Palmer course at Bay Creek for the very reasonable price of 35 dollars. Then I drove on and made it to Chincoteague in time for a bike ride and a short walk along the beach. I napped for a half hour and then headed out to eat at Don’s Seafood place. It was okay but certainly not great. The next morning I headed out to ride around the marshes and walk the beach and then I headed back to my room for a quick nap before I started back, intending to stop at Williamsburg. However, traffic was fine and I kept driving and when I got to Charlottesville, I realized I could make it home before dark if I didn’t head to Montebello so I kept driving and still had time to fish the Maury and get home just before dark, nap for a half hour, and head into town for a bike ride at VT and dinner at Panera. I was disappointed that Andy hadn’t gotten up to my house with a load of stone. Today was quite a day. I walked to the orchard three times, then did some outside work, took a nap, went fishing from the bend up, played jazz piano, did my yoga and limited weights (my left shoulder hurt from slipping while going up the bank), then went to the Meadows to play golf (and shot a 48 even with a hurt shoulder) then went to RU, took a quick nap, then did a lot of work in my office (including my lumosity training), then rode my bike around campus for an hour, then headed to O’Charley’s to watch the UVA/North Carolina game. I haven’t heard from Kelly since I sent her the email about her mother saying how lovely her house was. I didn’t know what to say and I said that in the email. It is probably better to have less contact with her right now. I also haven’t heard from Claire Hall so I hope things are going well with her. My cousin Tina has left her husband and that is probably good for her. I was never a fan of Phil’s. My friend Dave seems to be also on the verge of a breakup with his new wife. She is not an easy person to deal with. I have my office in pretty good shape and I could get it completely ready in a day or so. I am still scheduled to have my knee done on the 16th of May and I guess I am getting a little worried. I do hope I can get a trip in up to NY just before the operation. Cathy had a cold and I hope she’s feeling better. Claire has seven more weeks to get through. I so hope she can do it. I should have my camper top in a couple more weeks and then I can clear out my kitchen. My greenhouse peas are doing well and I hope the second planting of lettuce comes up in the next few days.

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