Friday, June 15, 2012

I got home yesterday (Thursday) after a big push on Wednesday (573 miles). It was a fine return, stopping to play golf at Packsaddle Ridge, a new course with a lot of challenge. I then rode my bike up the North Creek Road, which was closed because a flood had washed out one of the bridges. After that I drove to meet Rob for a walk, and he was pretty sick but I think the walk helped. I just wanted to record some flowers on the Ocean Path hike up in Acadia: yarrow, yellow rattle, common cinquefoil, wild rose, blue-eyed grass, narrow leaved housatonia, 3 leaved cinquefoil, yellow hawkweed. There were spruces and pines and striped maples. I heard a black-throated blue, a black-throated green, a hermit thrush, and a common yellowthroat.
I watched the first half of the Miami game, and the Heat looked pretty good. At the half I drove home and fortunately, there was no problem with the road. However, the TV wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to watch the game. I drove to the pasture and listened to it on the radio and it sounded like the Heat were ready to give the game away but they didn’t. Sunday’s game should be a lot of fun.
In the morning I took a hike and ate three tasty apples from the orchard. I then took some readings on the propane (36%) so I have used almost nothing for the past month (1%), on the humidity (66 degrees with humidity at 90%), on the batteries (1175 although the gauge showed 100%). Sam from Dodson came at 11:30 and treated the house and changed the mouse baits. Then I took the screen out of the cabin window (I saw that there was a hole in the screen) and replaced the screen with the hardware cloth and a new screen. The other screen looked okay. I put down one poison package and 4 glue traps so I hope I can get things in control pretty quickly. I oiled the new bike and I hope to go riding later after I watch some of Tiger’s second round in the US Open. I am glad to be home and my finances are stable but I have to be a little more careful. I guess I can always cut back my trip a few days if need be.

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