Monday, June 25, 2012

Kelly’s return visit went well and the dinner with Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin along with Doreen and Brian also turned out fine. I didn’t have enough chairs or forks but at least I had plenty of food and I had a lot of fun playing tent with Lucia and Benjamin. I slept in my guestroom and I did sleep well, getting up around 7 and going out to prune the path up by the cabin. We had a leisurely breakfast and then just after 11 they left to meet Brian and Doreen for a hike and then to drive to Catonsville.
I went to play golf after I took the pony for a final walk, checking out the berries for tomorrow and there will be plenty. My golf game was awful (five penalty strokes and a number of three putts) and I shot a 55, though I did play from the white tees. I had an eight on the par three third, putting the ball in the water twice, and then another eight on the par five fourth.
On the way back I got a message that Kate can’t come, but Rhonda and Camry still can so that will be fun. Craig also called me and we are going to play tomorrow at 2 at the River Course but I am going to get there early and warm up a little.
I got rid of the pony and tomorrow I have to clean things up a bit but it shouldn’t take me more than a half hour.

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