Friday, June 1, 2012

It is Friday and my class is over except to see what Jaime Jackson is going to do. Other than that I head toward New York tomorrow with another year finished. I will get almost 500 a day for maymester and who can beat that.
I will see Gyorgyi, Laura, Andrew and Syvia on Sunday afternoon and that should be fun.
Another walk this morning: sulphur cinq, bicknell’s cranes, black medick, black snakeroot, basil balm, whorled loosestrife, narrow leaved housatonia. I had to cut a little more of the Virginia pine I cut last night when I returned home. Having the sawzall saved the day again.
I moved the strawberries out of the greenhouse so they can get some water during the summer and I am going to redo the greenhouse when I return from NY. I think I may just put a soaker hose in since I don’t really care about the summer or the winter. I need to cut the grass tomorrow but if it is rainy I will just have to wait till I get back.
My paper was accepted for the SAMLA conference.

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