Friday, August 31, 2012

No word from the bank but I do expect something from them soon.
My first week of classes went pretty well and I think all but the 200 class started off very well. I like the graduate students and I think that class will be fun. The Literature and the Environment course also looks pretty good. My 203 class has a lot of conspiracy theorists in it and they are very lively. I started preparing for next week today and I was a little uneasy at first but I got a lot done and I relaxed.
Everything else at RU is going well and I continue to entertain Kate with my e-mails and she appreciates the humor.
At home I changed the oil in the generator and took the screens off the trays in the greenhouse. A few peas are coming up but nothing else. I will probably have to reseed with the new seeds from Seeds of Change. I am going to treat the porch with Thompson’s and there is not much else to do. I still have over 30% left in the propane tank and that should last till the November delivery. I fixed the brake light on the camper top and put some guides in for the brake light wires.
I rode my bike for 6 miles at Tech and I intend to go fish Big Stony at 6:15.
I was very tired today but perhaps the pollen and the heat were the problem.

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