Thursday, August 2, 2012

I left Bakersfield not too early and drove to I-5 for the dreaded encounter with LA. Actually it wasn’t too bad although I did get lost briefly where 10 met 5 but I was back on track in five minutes. Driving the whole day was very busy and slower through most of LA but when I finally got to San Clemente I was delighted. I took a nap then went for a swim in the pretty rough ocean, then went for a bike ride along the bike trail just above the beach. That was a lot of fun and the beach was pretty crowded. After that I drove on and in a pretty short period I saw the Camp Pendleton exit and Dave’s blue and white building. I went to have lunch at the Monterey Cannery restaurant and Dave called do we had lunch together and then went to more formal restaurant for dinner. We chatted well into the night and Dave is getting divorced. I had problems with residual cat dander so I ended up sleeping in my truck. The next day we ent kayaking (I paddled out into the ocean but Dave’s back and shoulders were bothering him so he didn’t paddle much. After that Dave treated me to lunch and after a nap we walked along the lovely beach at low tide and then I went for a long bike ride on the trail along route 76. The evening found us at Jolly Roger’s and then we stayed up chatting till 12.
I am now in Barstow after playing golf at Tees and Trees, the marine corps golf course, shooting a 49 and working for it. I am going up to Fort Collins and I hope I can kayak some of the Poudre then I will start back for the final 1500 miles with a stop in St. Louis.

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