Friday, August 17, 2012

Not much has happened since I have returned home on Thursday, the 9th. I had a nice lunch with Maria Bowling and Kate rejected the poem I wrote for her. That was a little frustrating but there is nothing I can do.
I saw Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin and I had a good dinner that Rachel cooked for me. I will see them again on Sunday and Benjamin’s 2nd birthday party.
The house was in good shape except that someone crashed into my gate and destroyed it. I was going to have Mike help me put in a new post and hang the gate but I put in the new post this morning and I think I can finish the job myself (nice to be able to handle it myself).
I had a great dinner with Cathy Gallo on Monday night and we discussed the usual. She did give me a copy of her novel and I have read up to page 85 and like it a lot.
Today (Friday) I recorded my chocolate essay in Roanoke, and then treated Jeff Saperstein to nine holes of golf at the Meadows. He made a handful of very good shots and could become a decent player pretty quickly. I’m not sure he cares to.
I have my FAR pretty much done and I am ready for my courses although I am going to wait to talk to the Graduate class before I decide what to do with them.
Rob is doing fine and I am so glad. He really deserves some peace and happiness.
I talked with John O’Brien and I will see him on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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