Monday, July 30, 2012

It is Monday July 30, and much has happened. I am sitting in a P.F. Chang’s waiting for my dinner and it will be a nice ending to a fine day. I said a very pleasant goodbye to Rick and Gloria and then started driving toward Buttonwillow. I couldn’t find a golf course so I ended up at the River Lakes course in Bakersfield and that was a lot of fun (shooting 92 for 18). My sore elbow held up well and I hit a lot of really good shots.
My visit to Dolores and Gloria was outstanding. I went with Gloria to San Francisco on Bart and we had a terrific meal at the Slanted ______ restaurant at the ferry terminal shops. We went to Palo Alto for dinner at a Nouveau Indian restaurant and walked around with the Hare Krishna people marching through the downtown.
On Saturday I had lunch with Marina and she was very smart and good natured and we talked for two and a half hours. After I checked in at the Quality Inn on University and took a nap, Dolores and I took a short walk and then had a superb dinner at Chez Panisse.
On Sunday I went for a walk to the UC campus and then headed for Dolores to take a walk and have lunch at Roma, the place Marina works at. That was also fun though I only got to speak to Marina for a minute.
My visit to the Hat Creek ranch was okay but it was pretty hard to fish and there wasn’t that much action. I caught six (three on Wednesday evening, where I fished until dark, and three in the morning, almost all on nymphs). The house was very pleasant but the fishing wasn’t worth the 250.
I also had a very good time visiting the redwoods. I hiked the boy scout tree trail and played golf at the Del Norte golf course.

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