Monday, July 2, 2012

The big storm on Friday was immensely powerful and quite destructive. Gyorgyi and I were having dinner at Alexander’s when it hit and we didn’t even think to go out. When we left, downtown was a disaster zone with trees down and on cars and debris all over the place. I drove to her house and we found a number of trees down but one big white pine missed her bees by a couple of inches. I tried to sleep there but it was too hot so around 4 I got up and drove back to the hollow where I went to sleep at the third gate because a tree was down and I had no batteries for my sawzall. I cut it when I woke up with the sawzall blade and then found my hollow choked with debris and many trees down. There was a very large oak and a big crown section of another tree across the road but I got to the house (no damage) and walked back with my chain saw and sawzall batteries, the gas container and my helmet with the facemask.
When I got to Gyorgyi’s I cut up most of the big pine and that was hard work. The bees occasionally buzzed around me but none stung me. I finished up and drove to my office to nap and then I went to meet Mike but when I got there he and Clay had already almost finished so I chatted for a few minutes, paid them well, and went into town to see Madagascar 3, a very funny film.
I did some more work in the morning, digging out the culvert and cutting the tree by the third gate and cutting some trees up by the cabin. I scraped the road with the farm tractor. I also got the water out of the pan that was left when I purged the filter and filled the batteries with water (they were down quite a bit from when I charged them: 1 to 1243 and 4 to 1273). Later I took Gyorgyi out to dinner at Norbert’s Italian and then we saw a wonderfully quirky film, Moonrise Kingdom.
Today my good knee hurt so I decided not to play golf, and instead I got my other computer working for internet and for Microsoft Word, picked up my bike, picked up my meds for the trip and picked up some things at Annie Kay’s. I will be having dinner with Cathy at 6.

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