Saturday, February 16, 2013

my road is finally fixed

It is Saturday and I am sipping coffee at Barnes and Noble, hoping the weather will stay okay at least until the evening when sleet and snow are predicted. I took a hike this morning up to the orchard, started the lawn tractor, trimmed the orchard trees, and then took the farm tractor out and worked on the road again. I scraped more fill from the sides and now the road is in pretty good shape. My week at RU went well and my classes were fine. I got my evaluations for last semester and they were very decent, all over 4. I now don’t really have to be evaluated this semester and I may not. I got an EQIP grant and when I went to fill out the final documentation I think it was for the wrong project since they were giving me over 8 thousand dollars. I think mine should be for a few hundred. I wrote to Tom Greene and he should fix it next week. My aunt Marie is pretty sick. She was operated on yesterday for liver stones and she is not answering my phone calls. Her daughter Patty updated me on her condition and I am worried. My greenhouse is still growing things although I haven’t been picking anything for a while because of the cold and the fact I have covered everything with hay to protect things from freezing. I had to bring the appraisal and the deed to Will Vance yesterday but I hope that is all I need. Diane Green really screwed things up for me but I am just glad to be done with her unprofessional behavior. I am now thinking about driving to Alaska this summer since I will have a lot more money when I sell my excess tax credits. It would be about a 40 day trip with a stop in the Big Horns on the way back.

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