Saturday, February 23, 2013

the fifth week of teaching is over

I am sitting in the Salem Starbucks after a very comfortable day of hiking in the hollow, driving up to Olde Monterey and playing about 14 holes of golf (47 on my real nine), then going shopping at Gander Mountain and getting another pair of North Face pants that actually fit, along with some fluorocarbon tippet in 6x and 7x. I went for dinner at Carraba’s and then for a walk in the Valley View mall, where I picked up the first season of Game of Thrones. Yesterday, I purchased an inexpensive microwave ($59) and this morning I baked a potato, which was quite good even though it took 8 and ½ minutes instead of 5 and ½. It will be nice to have some variety in my food and I really don’t use the oven much. David Richert came out on Thursday at 7Am and he is going to work on the road, on the ailanthus, and on the smooth coneflower habitat. It shouldn’t cost more than $1500. I also saw Robbie and he is going to e-mail me a bid for the cleaning and staining of the house. My aunt Marie is doing better, back at home and eating a little better. Pat has kept me updated and I appreciate that. My classes are going well (five weeks done) although my last 321 class was kind of slow and I think some of the students aren’t doing the readings. I started to talk to people about the Joan Wulff museum article for Kaatskill Life and I got a call from Jim Cruel to see if I could do a piece for Fly Fisherman. I am annoyed at Gyorgyi response to my helpful offer concerning her kitchen project. Her message was quite rude and I hope she understands that the proper response would have been, “Thanks for your offer but I am going to let my two realtor friends take care of things.”

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