Sunday, March 3, 2013

a quick trip to Charlotte

I am in my office having finished and printed out my 321 midterm. I took care of a few other small things and I am going to shop a bit and then go to dinner and then Rob’s to walk the dogs. It was too cold to go walking this morning but I did ride the bike and do my weights and yoga. I graded a good bit and watched Miami edge New York in bball. I went down to Charlotte on Friday so I could escape the cold weather up here, and though I did get to play golf at Birkdale, the weather changed and I ended up driving back on Saturday after an early morning walk through downtown Charlotte. It looks like I will not be going down to Charleston for spring break since the weather up here looks very good. I will save some money and do some fishing, maybe up to meadowlane. My new waders and wading shoes fit perfectly—no more cramped feet and thin socks. My new bike worked very well and I hope it does not cause me any problems for at least a few months. I planted some lettuce and peas but the cold snap may prevent them from sprouting. I still have some lettuce and spinach growing from the fall. I watched Duke beat Miami on Saturday night up at Jeff’s and it was fun to chat with Jeff and Rachel and play with Benjamin (who kissed me on the leg when I left, which was very sweet. My aunt Marie is doing much better so that is good news.

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