Tuesday, March 26, 2013

another week of teaching

I am backing up all my computer files in the Starbucks in Salem and it is a cold and bright Friday. I have finished a difficult week of teaching mainly because of my own mistakes but at least it is over. I have midterms to grade from two classes and some journals and poems but it shouldn’t be too hard to do. I am going to see Jeff tonight for his birthday and tomorrow I will go to the seder at Rob’s. I watched a lot of NCAA basketball last night with the big upset being Harvard beating New Mexico. I also watch the Heat come back from 27 points and beat Cleveland, a remarkable comeback. It was their 24th straight victory. My greenhouse plants came up but I hope the cold doesn’t kill them. Joyce called me and it sounds like we will be playing golf in Goose Creek and then on Hilton Head island. Rosemary is going to have Loren do the Coleman copying so that will save me a lot of time. My cough is still with me and I will talk to Rob about it if it doesn’t get better as it warms up. I e-mailed Kate my Fishermen for Gun Control and I think she liked it.

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