Monday, March 11, 2013

finally the road is fixed

It is Monday early afternoon and I am in Starbucks up in Salem. I finished staining my two part microwave shelf and I fixed the road up completely, evening it all out and repairing the two water bars. I also trimmed off the excess dirt by the spring and that should help with the rutting. With the chainsaw work David and I did yesterday (over four hours) the road looks great with all the fallen trees trimmed and several of the standing trees that were leaning also cut. I used my chainsaw to cut the stuff David felled and I haven’t worked that hard in five years. David will be back in a few weeks to do the coneflower habitat and perhaps start on the Ailanthus. I also played golf yesterday and shot a 46. It was nice not to wear a jacket for a change. I am sure it helped my score. It was also fun to watch Tiger play well and win easily. I sent Marilyn Francis my piece on the change in my fishing habits and it is a nice little essay. The 321 midterm was pretty awful. Many of the students didn’t address the question on Kafka, creating their own answers. The highest grade is an 83 so far. I fished the North Fork again and had no luck but it was fun to fish downstream from my gate.

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