Friday, March 8, 2013

spring break starts

It is Friday at 8:20 and my spring break has begun. I did a lot of stuff out in the hollow, including fertilizing the fruit trees and the asparagus, running the lawn tractor to charge the battery, clearing the stickers around the shed, fixing the angle of the bike rack so both wheels will be level (the front one was getting mud on it all the time), and taking a long hike up to the orchard three times. I watched some golf with Tiger playing well and then went and played and after an awful start (mainly because of my heavy jacket, which I ditched for my lighter, newer one) ended up with a 49. I then went to ride my bike for 8 miles along the New River in Radford, then dinner and a nap. I think I have overdone it a bit. Yesterday I had some spinach from the greenhouse (the stuff still growing from the fall) and it was very good. After all the freezing temperatures, it is pretty amazing to be still growing well. I have replaced all the things that needed to be replaced (waders, wading shoes, and goretex jacket), so I should be fine for a long time. I don’t have too much to do for my classes over the break so I decided not to do anything today but I may do a little tomorrow. I did have two full nights of sleep after taking tart cherry juice but the third night didn’t work. We will see about tonight.

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