Friday, February 1, 2013

another week of teaching and a big rain

My second week of teaching is over and I am in Barnes and Noble, sipping coffee and getting ready to shop for groceries and some miscellaneous items. It is in the twenties so I did not walk this morning. I did do some grading, rode the bike for 30 minutes, cleaned up some and then drove to get my package from the PO. I stopped by to see Mr. Sisson and he was out driving his Kabota, which was good to see. He was busy so I just said hello and went on. My classes are going very well and all of them are talkative. I have three with about 20 students and one with 15 so this is another relatively easy semester. I have sent out the Coleman contest stuff and I already have my 6 judges. My finances remain pretty good and I am over 10K ahead of my projections on the 403B and the TIAA accounts. My debt is higher but certainly not a problem. I went for a walk with Rob last night (we have walked three times this week) and things are going well for him. He is sad about Noah not being in touch but there isn’t much he can do right now. Gloria is doing well, as is Dolores, and I will have dinner with Cathy on Saturday and hopefully with Gyorgyi next week. The big rainstorm a couple of days ago ruined my road but I was able to get in and I used the tractor in the morning to fix the road a little. It is too cold to do anything else right now.

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