Saturday, January 26, 2013

back to school and one snow is past

I am at my office and the big snow yesterday wasn’t as bad as expected. I drove into town to go to Barnes and Noble and when the snow began to fall heavily I started home. It looked very ominous and when I got home I got ready and went to work with the tractor. I got down the road fine but on the way up, about three hundred yards from the house and on the steepest section, the tractor began to slip. The rut on the right was filled with smooth ice and I very carefully backed down and turned around. I got to bottom and decided to try to get around the ice and at first on the right side the tractor kept slipping. I was pretty nervous but I backed down and then was able to go slowly up the left side (which is the side the ravine is on). I was about a foot and a half from the edge so that wasn’t too bad and thankfully I was able to steer straight. I went back down as the snow continued to fall and with my new method was able to get back up with no problem. The snow calmed after that so I was able to stop scraping the road and spent the most of the rest of the day inside watching Tiger take the lead in the Farmers Insurance Open. I did walk up to the cabin a couple of times to take more books out since I now have a lot more space in the house due to more culling of books I won’t read. My courses have started well and I am in pretty good shape for Monday even though it is only Saturday. This afternoon Rob and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood and he showed me another one of Fay’s hateful letters, which mentioned me twice in a false and very negative way. I wish she would just leave Rob and Becky alone.

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