Friday, January 4, 2013

recovery and back on the road

My slow recovery continues. I did sleep pretty well and then I got a little more work done on my Preppers essay. I started up the tractor and the lawn tractor so they should be ready to go on Wednesday when Meade tractor picks them up to service them. I checked the crawl space and no more mice so that is a positive sign. I got the snow shovel out and the black plastic bags in the tractor barn so my list of things to do is temporarily finished. I did take a short walk to the gate and back and that didn’t tire me too much. Chris and Andy came to visit and invited me to a party at Jed’s but I am too sick for that. It is now Friday, January 04, 2013, and my recovery is almost complete. In fact, I was so sick of the gloomy weather that on Wednesday, I drove down to Charlotte to get a break. I played golf at Birkdale and then had a fine dinner at P.F. Chang’s, then a walk around downtown Charlotte. The next morning I drove to Columbia to go visit the Congaree National Park and that was fun, riding my bike on the Sims trail and then walking about a half mile on the river trail. I played golf and shot a 49 and then went to dinner at Motor Supply but the entrĂ©e (a lasagna like macaroni and cheese) was bland. I walked some and then watched the Oregon game at the Pearlz Oyster Bar, with dessert being a bland cheesecake. The house is fine and Meade took the two tractors on Wednesday and they should be fully serviced by next week.

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