Sunday, January 13, 2013

my last vacation before the new semester (very spoilled!)

It is Sunday and all the weekend playoff games are over. Denver lost in a shocker and Atlanta won in a very exciting finish. I am at Wild Dunes for the first of six nights and my trip has gone very well. In Charlotte I stayed at the Wingate again on Friday and it was fine. I had pizza at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and it was very good. I then went to Gangster Squad and enjoyed the movie, although it was very violent. On Saturday I stayed at the Clarion in Columbia and the bathroom had a bit of a smell to it and the air conditioner was noisy so the stay wasn’t as pleasant as before. I did have dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and the pizza was very good, tasty sauce, good cheese and a whole wheat crust that was excellent. When I got to Wild Dunes I rode my bike for 40 minutes, then watched the first half of the Atlanta game while having a salad at the Grill in the Boardwalk Inn where I am staying. I then took a walk on the beach for 25 minutes and that was calming and quite lovely. I left everything up at the house in good shape, with the solar charged into the 90s and the fan still off and the temp/humidity 53/53.

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