Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wild Dunes

It is Wednesday, the 16th of January, and my trip to Wild Dunes has gone very well. I had dinner on Sunday and Monday at P.F. Chang’s and played golf for the first time in two weeks at Charleston National, a beautiful course with a lot of sand. I have been bike riding every day for eight miles and I have almost finished cleaning up my computer, finding that I have written about eight decent poems in the past year or so, and that I have a number of decent essays. My main folder was cluttered and now it is pretty slim. Today I make my visit to my Aunt Theresa and then I will play nine holes with Marv and Joyce. I e-mailed Rosemary about my retirement plans so I guess it will be 6 or 7 more semesters unless things really change. 7 seems very far away but I also realize that I am easily bored and teaching may be a better choice. I do think I would like to do volunteer work but since my energy level is pretty low after I do my exercise, I am not sure I can do any during the semester.

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