Thursday, July 4, 2013

Alaska Day 3

Well, my visit ended up in St. Paul and it wasn’t very pleasant. It started out okay, parking by Mears park and then walking down to the Mississippi which was at flood and very fast. I decided to get an early dinner and when I got to Senor Wong’s, the place recommended at the Hilton, I found out it was only 4, my phone still on eastern time. I ordered salad and fish tacos and just as I finished, I realized that my meter would run out and I quickly paid and ran to my truck and found a $160 dollar ticket which absolutely floored me. I called the Parking Office and Caroline said to call back in 10 days and they would see what they could do. I started to drive just to get out of awful St. Paul but traffic was awful so I got off the highway and parked in a U of Minnesota parking lot and took a nap. Feeling much better I stopped for coffee in the college shops section and that was fine. There was still some traffic but I eventually got out of town and ended up at Lake Carlos State Park, getting in a quick ride and a great shower. This morning I was off by 6:15 and I stopped to walk around downtown Fargo and then I went to play golf in Hillsboro. It was a long course but no obstacles and I shot a 44 and a 45. Now I am in Grand Forks and I should be in Canada in a few hours.

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