Friday, July 5, 2013

Alaska day 4

I drove into Canada at around 4 and that is always a relief. There is something pure about Canada and at one point my ex and I even looked into becoming Canadian citizens but the US never got too bad so we never pursued the idea. I stopped as soon as I could to ride my bike and it the shifting gave me some problems at first. I tried riding with the earphones on but I couldn’t hear the traffic coming so that didn’t work. It was pretty hot but the fields were comforting, especially the corn. Next I had to work on my phone, which could make calls but the GPS and internet weren’t working. It took a couple of calls to Verizon but the woman solved the problem by switching from the global setting to the lte network. I was tired and hungry so when I saw a comfort inn right on the corner (which I think I may have stayed at) I called and changed my reservation to this one even though it was a little more expensive. I then grabbed a fish sandwich at McDonalds and checked in and took a very needed nap. I woke up wanting to eat and to watch the Macy’s fireworks so I pushed myself out of bed and headed for the restaurant that the comfort inn staff had recommended, Michael Ps. I think I had eaten there before and the menu was not very interesting so I drove down Pembina and stopped at an Indian restaurant that was not very good. Actually, the samosas were okay but the korma and the garlic naan were not very good. I ate about half and headed off to watch the fireworks and caught the last ten minutes. However, I found that they were repeating the whole display so I got to watch it and fix my fishing gear and do a number of other little tasks before I went out for a walk, which was very pleasant in the cooling, slightly breezy air. I slept very well and though I am stuck with what to do with the plot of the novel, I did get my other computer working and connected to the internet.

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