Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Days 14 and 15 Alaska

After I finished dinner, I was too tired to do anything but drink coffee so I drove to the Tim Horton’s, had coffee and two chocolate chip cookies and checked my e-mail (only a few, which surprised me), worked on the novel and worked on and published the last almost week of my blog. It was as I started to look at my finances that I realized I had made a big mistake and put the Visa check in the Watson Lake campground envelop. It had the credit card number on it and it was not made out to anyone since I was just able to call Visa and find out who to make it out to. I panicked and tried to e-mail Yukon Parks but I couldn’t get through. I was worried but I figured there was little chance that a public servant would do something that would put his job at risk. I went back to Pioneer RV to take a well needed shower to find out that you needed tokens which I did not have so I had to take a pretty cold and very quick shower. It stayed light until almost 12, but I did sleep well, probably helped by the OTC sleeping pill. When I got up, I contacted the Parks people and the fellow there said he would try to contact the fellow and have him call me. Sunday morning saw me waking early and heading off for Tok. My drive was fairly slow due to the buckled highway but I did have a nice veggie pizza in Beaver Creek and an hour’s bike ride along the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge. I stopped to camp at the Tok River campground and then drove into Tok for gas and dessert. Besides the annoying ATVers who rode into the campground after midnight, the mosquitos were bothersome for the first time on the trip. I awoke early on this bright Monday morning and after coffee and donuts, I headed off to Delta Junction and took a long nap before I got there. I set up my ferry ride from Whittier to Valdez for Saturday, then my kayak trip on Sunday, which leaves McCarty for Monday and then starting back. When I got to Delta junction, I had a late breakfast (and I have to stop eating so much even though I am doing a lot of exercise), picked up some supplies, got an Alaska license, and headed to Fairbanks. I stopped at Harding Lake to ride my bike for an hour and then I went to the Harding Lake Recreation Area for a swim. I had to walk out to the lake and then walk out 100 feet to get to three feet of cold and refreshing water. I saw no streams to fish (most were dry) and I decided golf was the ticket so I headed to the North Star golf club and played a very slow round, but ended up with a 44 on the double hole and 48 on the single. It was fun and when I finished I headed for the famous Pump House for crab cakes and Copper River salmon, which was very, very good. I went to check in at the Super 8 (the second time in 15 days that I have stayed at a motel) and took a long nap which was very hard to get up from. I dragged myself to the Denny’s next door and had an ice cream sundae and coffee and I finally began to wake up. Somewhat revitalized, I went for a walk, it still very light at 11:00. I did my yoga and then shaved and showered and finally felt pretty good.

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